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Radiocommunications services for local police


Radiocommunications services for local police

State security forces have countless challenges and objectives to fulfil in their daily activity, and radiocommunications are a key resource for optimally carrying out their work. Local and National Police ensure the safety of all citizens, and they need special radiocommunications equipment that allows officers to know, at all times and instantly, what the situations are to which they must adapt.


The professional radio communication technology that these security forces have at their disposal must meet the highest quality standards, with a series of practical requirements and, above all, with backup that allows them to access the information they need to carry out their work at any time.


Global Radio System strives to achieve an extensive catalogue of professional radio communication service solutions, fully specialized for use by Local police forces.

radio comunicacion para policia profesional
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Improving Security Responsiveness

Police work involves constant decision-making where the safety of citizens is at stake and where optimal communication is key. Thanks to our professional radio communication solutions service, the police can streamline the transmission and reception of messages, improving response time and providing an efficient service to society.

State security forces need a network of reliable radio communication equipment, with long-range coverage and resistant and durable terminals, allowing them to integrate voice communications and complementary applications, and to have a constant line of communication between teams that facilitates and optimizes their work.

We contribute to creating a safer and smarter society

Thanks to our service, radio communication equipment allows us to collaborate towards a safer and more intelligent society, which handles strategic data to help make decisions and act accordingly.


With our mobile intelligence solutions, huge volumes of data can be transmitted easily and immediately so that agents can act with greater efficiency and greater security. This provides solutions for administration, security and internal communication between teams, who have a reliable source to establish their lines of action.

To consider

All of our portable, mobile and fixed radio equipment is compatible with communication over other networks and the inclusion of applications for process optimization or data dumping.

The advantages of our professional radio communication solutions


Thanks to our radio equipment, police departments can count on a series of tools that help them reliably analyse data and have any database at their fingertips in real time.

Our devices also facilitate good communication between different teams and departments that work together for a common goal, increasing knowledge sharing, offering intelligent solutions and promoting a more effective response.

The results of different operations are also improved, simplifying processes and connecting all types of data to avoid risks and optimize the security of the wider society, with a highly effective professional radio communications support network.

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