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Radio communication services

For Closed Groups, Professional Services


Radiocommunication services for companies and institutions

Global Radio System, as an operator of professional radio communications in a closed user group, offers radio communication services that provide integral radio communication solutions and systems to professional teams.


We are committed to providing users with as much information as possible about what types of professional radio communication equipment we offer today, what advantages they present and how they can help companies and work teams to develop a more optimal and efficient method of instant communication.



From Global Radio System we distribute the best portable, mobile and fixed radio equipment specifically designed for daily application in fire and emergency teams.



One of the strengths of all our ambulance radios is that they have great networking capabilities.



It facilitates the possibility of direct communication between the entire hierarchy of workers, optimising processes and offering an immediate connection.


Private Security

Security teams must be able to keep in constant contact with each other, informing each other of changes in the environment or any emergency clearly and immediately.


Closed Groups

Professional radio communication brings to work teams a number of advantages that could not be covered in any other way, thanks to the specific characteristics of each radio equipment.


Local / National Police

At Global Radio System we offer a whole line of devices and communication centres specifically designed to serve the security of a city or an entire country.

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