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Radiocommunication Services for closed networks


Radiocommunication services for closed networks

Professional radio communication equipment has become a fundamental resource for a range of sectors who seek to optimize their work processes to obtain better performance and more productive results.

Radio communication services such as those offered by Global Radio System help thousands of work teams to achieve their objectives more efficiently and with a professional communication system that makes their work easier.

Today, closed network groups may need this type of professional radio communication to facilitate the transmission and reception of messages, using the resources at their disposal to streamline communications.


Any company that needs a PTT radio equipment service, for example, will positively value factors such as performance, durability, application integration, instant communication, and compatibility with smartphones.

Instant communication among a group is key for the correct development of the work of many businesses, ranging from the health sector to firefighters and police teams, to event production companies, hospitality and transport.


Our professional radio communication services offer a perfect balance in which all communications are integrated, so that closed network groups can enjoy greater security and productivity, among other benefits.

radiocomunicacion para grupos cerrados
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The benefits of group communication

Within the world of professional radio communication, the use of certain portable, mobile or fixed radio devices brings many advantages to work teams. Being able to communicate immediately and effectively makes it easier for work to be carried out more productively, more safely and guaranteeing the best results.

  • Instant availability: the greatest advantage of professional radio communication equipment is, without a doubt, the instantaneous availability of communications. Directly, without going into more complex questions or memorizing phone numbers, you can get in touch with any other team member just by pressing the PTT (push to talk) button.
  • Team Security: another great advantage of radio equipment is that it provides extra security, both for workers and for communications themselves. When it comes to ensuring the safety of the work team, these services allow quicker responses in the event of accidents, as well as guaranteeing total privacy within the confidential communications carried out daily in the company.
  • No coverage problems: Without the need for high-cost infrastructure, including the use of third-party infrastructures, radio terminals are provided with the necessary coverage for their operation.
  • Increased productivity: professional radio communication represents a considerable increase in productivity, by allowing instant quality communications, facilitating concentration and avoiding typical problems that can arise when establishing conversations between team members.
  • Cross communication: the final advantage of this type of professional radio communications is that they are not closed media, but rather they allow the inclusion of other forms of communication, such as other radio systems, mobile apps or devices, for greater interconnection.

The main communication priorities for work teams

Work teams that make daily use of professional radio communication equipment are very clear about their priorities in terms of strategic communication to carry out their work. Any company that needs this type of radio service must be well aware of what its priorities and needs are when it comes to work.

Even so, today, companies that already have several years of experience using this type of professional radiocommunication systems highlight certain demands on what they expect from this equipment. 

Quality and performance in teams

The main priority of work teams when they use professional radio communication equipment is to find a quality channel that ensures the proper functioning of communications among workers.

In this sense, complete teams of people need a reliable and stable source to exchange messages that are key to the proper functioning and performance of a professional activity. Undoubtedly, an indispensable point for increasing productivity and improving work results.

Resistance and durability

Another priority for working groups regarding professional radio communication is the need for technical, resistant and durable equipment and systems. On many occasions, professionals who need these communication solutions carry out their work in complex environments, where there is a real need for radio equipment to function optimally. Thus, even if workers are in high-risk situations or adverse weather conditions, they will always have access to reliable and accurate radio communication equipment.


Thus, portable, mobile or fixed radio equipment must consistently deliver proper functioning, providing efficient responses and quality hardware that is resistant and can be kept in optimal conditions for a long time, under practically any circumstance.

Mobile applications: security and productivity

One of the priorities that over recent years in the professional radio communication sector is for devices to be able to connect with other mobile applications that are essential for work management. Applications for personnel administration, time management and customer service must be able to connect directly, for example, to PTT devices.

This is a very efficient way to achieve an improvement in productivity, reducing interference and intermediaries to achieve efficient and centralized communication among essential devices for each company. Thus, private transport or logistics companies can have everything related to their internal and external communications in a single device, as well as being able to connect with GPS functionalities and tracking applications.

It is therefore possible to increase productivity, including all types of task management applications, and improve security, since these applications also help to carry out monitoring and follow-ups.

Instant group communications

Another priority for many companies when establishing their professional radio communication systems is that they include, in some way, the possibility of instant group communications. In a professional world where work teams are a corporate necessity, instantaneous high-quality group communication becomes an essential aspect for any work activity.

Today, companies are looking for intelligent, quality radio communication solutions that can improve the efficiency of work teams by offering a practical, specialized communication system focused on optimizing their work processes. In addition, these systems also seek to centralize all the communications of the different departments of a business, connecting radio messages with other devices and being able to communicate between staff under any circumstance.

Interconnection with smartphones

The last priority – and highly relevant to the modern world – is the current trend in communication which prioritizes the use of smartphones and includes many essential management applications for the development of daily work.

In this way, professional radio communication solutions must also include interconnections with other devices, as a method of increasing communication compatibility between users. Thus, sectors such as fire brigades, hauliers, government agencies and emergency medical teams can easily combine the immediacy of radio communications with other applications and resources offered by smartphones.

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