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Radiocommunications services for local councils


Radiocommunications services for local councils

The latest improvements and innovations in professional radio communication for local councils are now available from Global Radio System.


With many years of experience behind us, we have developed a whole line of portable, mobile and fixed radio equipment that allows us to offer local councils the radio communication solutions that they really need.

We adapt to councils’ different requirements to ensure that any need for immediate communication is resolved with our radio equipment. At Global Radio System we work tirelessly for local councils in several countries, which allows us to implement improvements and commit ourselves to providing an effective service with high-quality radio equipment.

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The great benefits of professional radio communication for local councils

Professional radio communication is a key strategic necessity for the management of any city council. From citizen security actions to police units, to the simple daily intercommunication between different management groups, radiocommunication has become a reality to offer a safe and direct response in municipalities.

Thanks to our professional radio communication systems specially designed for city councils and local councils, any work team can benefit from a series of direct and immediate communications, with high-quality audio that keeps all users connected.

In addition, thanks to our radio equipment, messages and data can be transmitted and obtained in an optimized way, interconnecting different people who need to work together to improve their results. All our equipment also incorporates the possibility of connection with other devices, such as radios, applications, mobile phones and computers, among other tools.

Thanks to this interconnection in our equipment, different types of formats can also be combined, such as audio, text or even video messages, as well as incorporating GPS functions or task management applications and job orders.


Another great benefit of this type of professional radio communication for local councils is that it is highly scalable, facilitating the possibility of direct communication between the entire hierarchy of workers, optimizing processes and offering an immediate connection. Finally, the last great advantage of our radio communication systems is that they have great autonomy, thanks to their powerful batteries, and a high level of resistance and durability, due to their high-quality components.

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